Here are some of the amazing benefits from our E Power Machine
1. Energy, Oxygenation, Nerves, pH Balance - Increased cell membrane voltage activates the sodium/potassium pump:
a) Regeneration of cellular energy and increased body energy.
b) Improvement of oxygen levels.
c) Capillaries receive more oxygen (up to 30% by study Pargon 1967, Peraira 1967).
d) Increased vitality and cell function.
e) Increased nerve regeneration (1998 University Gottingen).
f) Activates oxidoreductase enzymes to change acid to alkaline.
g) Improved nutrient supply, and improved nutrient supplement utilization.
h) Changes acidosis to alkalinity.

2. Blood Pressure, Detox, Accelerated Healing, Mental Focus Improvement of blood circulation due to vascodilation:
a) Reduction of blood flow resistance returning to the heart.
b) Lower blood pressure.
c) Increased detoxification.
d) Accelerates healing of wounds.
e) Increased performance in sports competition.
f) Aids in clearer mental performance, focus, concentration.

3. Metabolism, Stress, Insulin, T-Cells, Spine:
a) Metabolism increase.
b) Cell division benefits.
c) Vascular function reduction.
d) Cortisol and adrenaline - stress relief.
e) Regulation of the adrenaline receptors from becoming adrenaline resistant.
f) Activation of the insulin receptors (balances insulin better).
g) Improvement of the nerve function in balance.
h) Macrophage and T-Cell activation. (Study Carson 1990).
i) Helps back, muscle, and spinal column therapy.

4. Bones - Triggers the Spleen and Bone Marrow to Increase Calcium:
a) The piezoelectric effects increase bone tissue. Stronger bones and aid in elimination of osteoporosis.
b) As you age, the bones resist PTH from the parathyroid gland (thyroid) to make more bone-forming cells. Negative fields increase this function.
c) Increased calcium level

5. Healing - Shortens recovery and repair time for athletes and personal physical disabilities:
a) Strengthen muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments.
b) Inflammation reduction.
c) Improves and heals rheumatism, arthritis, bruises, fractures, paralysis, muscle and nerve tension.
d) Risk of injury reduced - Regeneration of injured cells.

6. Pain - Relief:
a) Reconnection of broken/damaged/suppressed/blocked electrical circuitry.
b) Interruption of transmission of pain stimulus to the brain.
c) Muscle tension, cramps and spasm relief.

7. Improves the Function of the Stomach and Intestines.
Improved digestion - improved elimination and bowel movements.

8. Beauty - Increased Collagen:
a) Connective tissue cells activity increase - fibroblast stimulation.
b) Nerve and skin regeneration increase.
c) Reported to encourage hair growth and has reportedly reversed greying hair for some people.
d) Reported to diminish jowls and smooth skin.
e) Reported to remove skin spots and soften/erase wrinkles
f) Reported to improve vision.