Client Testimonials

"Hi Sean, I Just want to wish you and your family the happiest of Christmas and prosperous New Year. Thank you for everything you've done for me in the last 12 months. I Couldn't have done what I did without you, I appreciate everything you've done for me..."
Richie Power


"I have been seeing Sean for roughly 10 weeks now and I can only speak with praise about his professionalism and support to helping me reaching my sporting goals. He dedicates an enormous amount of time to his clients and ensures they are always making progress as I have seen and heard of other members of the Breaffy football panel speak highly of him along with myself. I have been using his Soki Hot House in which its purpose is to provide a Weight Loss and Detox for his clients.

I came to Sean, with a weight of 16stone 3pounds which caused me to be unable to complete trainings of high intensity successfully and constantly struggling through each session, but since coming to Sean I have managed to get down to 15stone 4pounds and hope to lose even more weight through more sessions on the Soki Hot House.This has helped to compete at a high level of sport and improve my lifestyle as a whole by providing me with a lot more confidence and energy throughout my day. I would highly recommend this professional and enjoyable treatment to anyone struggling with their weight."
Liam Irwin, Mayo U21 Footballer 

"Sean took care of a recurring hamstring strain injury for me throughout our 2015 club championship campaign. I found the stretching techniques, herbal oils and the chi machine provided by him to be excellent in reducing recovery time and getting me back on the pitch. Without the treatment he provided, I'm positive I wouldn't have made it back in time for the county final. I couldn't recommend Sean highly enough. "
David Gavin.


"Having suffered from Arthritis for many years I have never found anything that has helped as much as this oil, I have been using it over the last few weeks and the difference is amazing. I have tried many things over the years which claim to ease pain, reduce swelling and all sorts of wonderful things but this is the first oil that actually does what it says on the bottle. Cannot recommend this product enough. Many Thanks."
Liz Healy.


"Delighted to say having used the green oil for the last few days on my wrist which I broke in August the pain is easing off. There's no doubt that you can feel the healing process happening once you apply it onto the wounded fracture. How come I haven't heard about this remedy before? Will certainly recommend it to all those suffering from joint pain."
Melissa Stokes


"As a Tri athlete and marathon runner I endure many hard training sessions. Part of effective training is recovery and rest time. Sean introduced me to the Herbal Compress which helps me recover quicker allowing me to reduce my rest periods and get back training. Its now part of my weekly routine. Sean recommended the Herbal Green Oil for any niggling injuries that have occurred, again I found this excellent, the best I have used todate. As a Marathon Runner, Exfootballer and keen Golfer,  Sean has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training and recovery.  A visit to Sean could save you a lot of time, money and pain."
C Mac Daid, Company Director


Green Oil -
"I used this product as a last resort for my chronic sinus infections. I had repeat sinus infections for over a year and it would take anything from 6 weeks to 3 months to clear and I would still get another infection again anyway. I was constantly on antibiotics. When I found out I was pregnant, I had to look at alternative treatments. I had another sinus infection starting but was reluctant to take antibiotics because I didn't want any of the side effects while I was in the early stages of my pregnancy. I started using the Thai herb oil in boiling water. I inhaled the steam at least 3 times and day for 1 week. I couldn't believe the results! After just 3 or 4 days, my infection had completely cleared and it never returned. I could never get the same results with antibiotics. Now I use the herb oil every time my sinus' flare up. I haven't had an infection since. I can't praise this product highly enough. Many thanks."
Alison Moore, 34 yrs old. 


"On a recent visit to Dublin I met up with Sean Connolly, we discussed all sorts of topics Man Utd, Weather ,Golf and the conversation got round to Health. I mentioned to Sean about what I believe is Arthritis in my Hands ie Knuckles.
Sean took a look and he invited me to his House the next day. I took him up on his offer and when I got there he took me to his Treatment Room. He massaged various parts of my Arms ,ie Pressure Points and applied Oil to the affected areas.
The following morning I was amazed to find the swelling vastly reduced and the pain nearly gone. I applied the Oil Sean gave me twice a day and on Sunday enjoyed a game of Golf for the first time in months. From not being able to hold a Club without Pain I completed 18 Holes pain free. The swelling has not returned and I waited to write this to see if it remained so.
I still have twinges now and again but feel like a new man, work has become enjoyable again. Ive always been a Tablet and Injection man but Im now beginning to change my mind. I will be forever grateful to Sean and i cant thank him enough for what he has done for me."
James from Essex.


"Sean, thank you so much for your hot herbal massage which you gave me on your visit to Claremorris. Its an experience I never encountered before.  You really got in deep to every muscle in my body and to the trigger points I never knew I had.   The stretching exercises you did with me reminded me that most Sports People do not stretch properly at all and that leads to all kinds of injuries. After the work out with Sean I felt my muscles relaxed and free.  I felt like I could tog out again for Mayo and may get a call up from the new manager. I am still using your Green Oil and I find it amazing to rub into the sore area's of the body.  I also use the Thai Herbal Hot Compress in a hot bath and the Herbal Sauna which relieves aches and pains and leaves me feeling totally refreshed. Thanking you again Sean."
Billy Fitzpatrick


"Hi Sean, I have been using your Green Oil in a basin of hot water with the towel over my head and I find it amazing as I suffer from sinus, allergies and anything else that could be wrong with a persons head. I seem to be worse certain times of the year and so it most probably is allergies.  I used two to three drops of the Green Oil in a basin of hot water and then put the towel right over my head and down around the sides of my face to ensure  I got the full benefit from it. It penetrates deep into my head and relieves the congested feeling  and the puffiness around my eyes.  This needs to be done two or three times daily to get the full benefit. Just want to say thanks Sean for introducing me to the Green Oil and the other Thai products."
Catherine in Claremorris


"As a man in his late sixties and a keen golfer I have been suffering for last few years with arthritis in the feet and playing 18 holes has becoming more difficult over time. Particularly over last 2 to 3 holes. From the outset having received the herbal treatments from Sean an immediate improvement in both mobility and soreness in the soles and toes. A visit to Sean`s studio for sauna, foot massage and stretching had also immediate effect on my flexibility. The remaining partial (insignificant) soreness which disappears completely after a very short time. Equally important is Sean`s thorough questioning and advice which instils confidence that his suggested treatments will work. Consequently I am happy to recommend Sean to anybody who may be suffering any form of pain or soreness and leave it to him what treatment may be necessary."
John Ennis - Rejuvenated golfer


"Just to let you know that my visit to your treatment room last week was a worthy exercise on my part, simply for the reason that I got fantastic relief to a long ongoing back spasm problem. The one visit sufficed and I was back playing golf a few days later. Thanks again for spending so long treating me and honing in on the pain location. I was sore for a few days but it was well worth it. Thanks again for your dedication, as I know where to go if anything happens again. Keep up the good work...."
Willie McGee


"As manager of Gaelic football teams at a high level I am aware of the need for flexibility in athletes . This comes from the training techniques as well as the recovery programmes applied. I have had Sean Connolly from Connolly sports massage therapy working with my teams and have found him to be a very capable and knowledgeable therapist . His practice has assisted players through injury recovery and post training recovery thereby assisting players to stay healthy and available for games which is extremely important from both theirs and my point of view. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services in this instant..."
Jack Sheedy - Longford senior football manager / former Dublin footballer


"I arranged an appointment with Sean as I started to experience back pain. As a professional golfer, back pain represents a huge problem for me - especially in my chosen profession. After spending 2 hours with Sean, my back felt no pain whatsoever. I had also had a herbal sauna at Sean's studio and it has massively helped with my back ache. I would highly recommend Sean’s therapy techniques for anyone that suffers from any muscular pain. The herbal compresses were amazing and I haven't experienced any discomforts since our session 48 hours ago."
David Reilly - Golf Pro - Westmanstwon Golf Club